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Why you should donate to BJD

Shri Naveen Patnaik's selfless dedication

Our CM is the torchbearer of Biju Babu's majestic legacy. Frequently voted as the most popular Chief Minister, he has devoted his life for the development of Odisha.

Build a better Odisha, a better India

His perseverance has made Odisha the second fastest developing economy of the country. Your vote will help us continue the good work.

Strong stand against corruption

The party leader propagates corruption-free governance. It's no wonder that 'Mr Clean' has been elected as the CM of Odisha for three times. His regime is not tainted by any scandal compared to previous Congress rules.

Merits and accolades

The state has registered an unprecedented economic growth ensuring progress in all spheres in the last 14 years. UN also honoured the CM for extra-ordinary efforts undertaken during cyclone Phailin.

Vision and goals

CM's vision is to put Odisha on high growth path and deliver good governance. His future goals include:

  • Sustainable employment for all
  • Women empowerment and self-reliance
  • Corruption-free society.