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Minimum Guarantee in Every Locality   

It is more than a Promise, it is a Guarantee.

  • Perhaps for the first time a political party guarantees to fulfill the primary infrastructure needs in the areas of road communication, drinking water, electrification, irrigation, agriculture and education in both rural and urban areas of the State and along with provision of adequate funds, shall fulfill these minimum needs in a time bound manner so that these benefits go to the people of Odisha in time.
  • BJD President Naveen Patnaik believes in deeds more than words and it is because of his commitment to the people of Odisha, he is determined to fulfill this Minimum Guaranteed Programme for the people of Odisha.
  • This is just the Minimum Guarantee for every locality of Odisha and to ensure accountability, BJD Government will strive hard to provide more than what it has promised as Minimum Guarantee.
Agriculture and Farmer Welfare
  • With substantial enhancement in agricultural productivity in the last 14 years, as reflected in the Krishi Karman Award to the State, introduction of separate Agriculture Budget, reduction in the rate of interest of agricultural loans to 2%, special post Phailin assistance of Rs. 100/- per quintal to farmers etc. the BJD Government has proved its commitment to agriculture and the welfare of farmers.
  • It would be the endeavor of BJD Government to reduce the rate of interest further to 1% for agricultural loans in the next one year.
  • Further, BJD Government has the vision of creating additional irrigation potential of more than 10 lakh hectares in the next five years.
  • All procurement districts will have mandis and concrete drying platforms and threshing floors for every 5000 population.
  • High quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and necessary agricultural technical extension inputs will be made available at Panchayat level.
  • The seed replacement ration will be enhanced to 34% in the next 5 years. Steps will be taken to transfer all subsidies and financial assistance direct to the bank account of individual farmers.
  • To strengthen the storage facility, a comprehensive Warehousing Act shall be legislated.
  • TO ensure better preservation of agricultural products, subsidy based cold storage facilities will be established in all Blocks on PPP mode.
  • Second Agriculture University will be established in the KBK region.
  • Warehousing facilities will be created in all Panchayats.
  • A new initiative will be launched on mission mode to restore and operationalize all defunct Lift Irrigation points.
  • The trollies attached to tractors will be considered for tax exemption.