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Odisha leads the country in the settlement of the Forest Land rights for tribal & traditional forest dwellers. 3,25,889 forest dwellers already benefited.
In the last decade, there has been a huge reduction in Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR).
According to a report by the Planning Commission, Odisha recorded maximum poverty reduction. Poverty has declined by 24.6% during the period 2004-05 to 2011-12.
Odisha received the award for highest Agriculture production in the country (Gujarat is also in the same category)
According to RBI, Odisha is the most preferred in investment destination for new projects.
As a boost to the agriculture sector, more than 53 farmers and their families were covered under the health insurance scheme; a record of sort.
Under BJD's regime, 7 medical colleges were opened and 8 more are in the pipeline.
The government has ensured that every village had their share of schools, hospitals and concrete roads.
The BJD government has set up a comprehensive pre-hospital emergency medical service with introduction of a fleet of ambulances to cover the entire state in a phased manner.
Odisha is the pioneering state in passage of the Lokpal Act and introduction of confiscation of property by Public Servants.
Odisha was the first state in the country to provide land for any railway project (Khurda-Bolangir Railway line) free of cost and offered to bear 50% of cost of the construction of the railway line.
The prestigious Krishi Karman award 2012-13 was bestowed upon Odisha for all-time record in foodgrain production.
Odisha is named the best state for providing self-employment to the urban poor under Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rajgar Yojana (SJSRY) in 2012-13.
Ganjam district of Odisha finds a place in the global map of the World Bank, as a role model for tackling natural disasters.
Odisha government has reduced Forest Tax on Kendu leaves by 14% and the profit henceforth will be distributed equally among poor kendu leaf pluckers. For the 1st time, kendu leaf pluckers have been made shareholders in the kendu leaf business.

Anti-Corruption: Concrete steps taken

  • Pioneering state in passage of the Lokayukta Act-2014

    Odisha is the pioneering state to have enacted the Lokayukata Act-2014 after the Lokpal Bill was enacted in the Parliament. Odisha under the leadership of its honest Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik is taking rapid strides in improving transparency and accountability in all walks of life.

  • Pioneering state in introducing confiscation of property by convicted corrupt Public Servants

    The state of Odisha is particularly significant in its commitment to confiscating the property of the public servants and thereby not only creating a strong deterrent against corruption in the minds of the pulic Servants as well as reiterating the strong anti-corruption stand of Shri Naveen Patnaik.

  • Special Courts sanctioned for speedy proceedings against corrupt persons

    The Biju Janata Dal government undertook on itself to bring about speedy proceedings in the legal cases against corrupt persons. In order to deliver effective and efficient justice within the right time frame, Special Courts were sanctioned and established by the government.

  • Odisha Right to Public Service Act for clean, transparent governance to the citizens.

    Odisha Right to Public Service Act was established in order to provide the citizens with various services of public utility within a certain frame of time. The failure to do so within the required frame of time leads to penalty on the concerned person. This has led to stronger governance for the citizens of the state.

Mission Western Odisha

Progress on mission Western Odisha

  • Striving to make 'Sambalpuri' koshali language included in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution.

    The Koshali language from western Odisha and especially used in Sambalpur region of Odisha needs recognition owing to its unique cultural and literary heritage. The BJD government is striving hard to ensure that Kosali language is included in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

  • Municipal Corporation status to Sambalpur & Rourkela

    Sambalpur and Rourkela, the urban hubs of western Odisha were accorded Municipal Corporation status by the BJD Government. The long standing dreams of the people of western Odisha were fulfilled by Shri.Naveen Patnaik, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha with this Corporation status to both cities.

  • 100 Crores sanctioned for Khurda-Bolangir Railway line and free land allotted for the project.

    Continuing its apathy towards Odisha, the Central Government did not support the railway development in western Odisha, the BJD Government came forward and sanctioned 100 crores for the Khurda-Bolangir Railway line establishment which would lead to greater development of western Odisha.

  • Medical Colleges and hospitals at Bolangir, Bhawanipatna, Sundargarh.

    In order to boost the development of western Odisha, the BJD Government established medical colleges and hospitals in Bolangir district, Bhawanipatna in Kalahandi district and Sundargarh district. This will help the people of Odisha access high quality health care facility and improve their lives.

  • Double laning of Sambalpur-Sonepur State Highway -15, at a cost of 48 Crores & Double laning of Kuchinda-Bamra State Highway -24, at a cost of 110 Crores.

    The BJD Government is committed to the infrastructural development of western Odisha. In order to further develop western Odisha, the BJD Government provided 48 crores for the double laning of Sambalpur-Sonepur State Highway-15 and 110 crores for double-laning of Kuchinda-Bamra State Highway-24;

Feats in agriculture

Odisha's leadership in Agriculture

  • Krishi Karman Award at National Level in 2011 and 2013

    Continuing its good work for the agricultural development of Odisha, the BJD Government has been awarded the Krishi Karman Award at National Level by the Government of India for 2011 and 2013. This is provided in recognition for record production of food grains in the state.

  • Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana – insuring the farmers and their families

    Shri.Naveen Patnaik, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha and President of Biju Janata Dal has the good of the farmers in his heart. About 20 lakh farmer families have been insured under this programme so that they continue to work hard for foodgrain productivity with the assurance of social security by the BJD Government.

  • About 800 traditional varieties of paddy registered

    Odisha is pioneering agricultural variety conservation in India. The proof of the same is that the BJD Government has facilitated the registration of about 800 traditional varieties of paddy. This would lead to firstly the preservation of the indigenous varieties of paddy which are fast depleting.

  • India’s best mechanization drive

    Odisha leads the country in bringing about the best mechanization of agricultural technology in its fields. It is due to the Biju Janata Dal Government that the farmers are being encouraged through various programmes to adopt the agricultural technology available and using mechanized machinery could bring greater productivity.

  • High sustained agricultural growth rate for last five years

    TIt is a unique achievement of the Biju Janata Dal Government. Over the past five years, the BJD Government under the leadership of Shri.Naveen Patnaik has consistently provided high sustained agricultural growth rate and thereby helped the state immensely in its growth and development.

Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

  • 50% reservation for women in PRIs & Municipalities

    The BJD Government brought about 50% reservation for women in the Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) and Municipalities. This was done in order to bring about greater women empowerment in the state. With this initiative, the women have a greater stakeholdership in decision-making taking place in Public institutions.

  • Mamata Yojana

    In order to provide support to rural pregnant women a sum of Rupees 5000 is provided 4 phases for the first two live births of that woman. This has led to a strong boost to reducing malnutrition in the unborn child and the mother as well as proper health care. There are about 3 lakh rural women who have benefitted.

  • Mission Shakti

    With a mission to drive greater women empowerment and emancipation, the BJD Government brought about Mission Shakti. About 2 lakh women were made a part of this mission through Self Help Group (SHG) mode and till May 2013 there were more than 5 lakh women who have benefitted from this programme.

  • Self Help Group Energy Franchisee Arrangement (SEFA) Program

    The BJD Government has launched the SEFA Program for engaging Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs) in energy distribution business for spot billing, collection of revenue and allied activities in rural areas. This will lead to greater involvement of women in public services and thereby empowering them further.

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